Metal heels destroy a phone easily

Posted on February 20, 2017

Someone sent this phone to me without a note – so I’m not sure who it’s from – but it’s going to meet my brand new high heels with full metal heels anyway! These shoes not only look brutal – they definitely are! I start to walk over them before I use the heels to pierce the display again and again. After turning it around I grind my heels into the camera lens and basically drill through it with the thin heels. To finish it I break it in half with my shoes – after ripping off the display!

Lady Anja crushes a mobile phone

Posted on September 20, 2009

A slave was ordered to send Lady Anja his mobile phone. Maybe he really though he would get it back working. Well, Anja has other plans. She takes it out of the envelope and throws it on the floor where she immediately starts to crush it under her high heel boots. The display dies first with the heel stomping right in the middle of it, but soon the whole phone is crushed into little pieces … guess her slave has to buy a new one now!

Isabelle crushes a mobile phone under elegant heels

Posted on April 24, 2009

Isabelle loves to crush stuff under her feet – especially expensive things like a mobile phone. Today she wears a pair of elegant high heels and uses them to crush a mobile phone. She first steps on the phone gently before she uses her heels to puncture the phone and finally crush it into little pieces.