Your Lunch is ready;-)!

Be thankful and happy that you prepared your mistress Your Lunch. While Ill take an exquisite gourmet menu to me, You can be my stunning, sexy feet kneel and lick your lunch off the floor and out of my designer heels! I have trampled just for you … haha ​​…. Crushing finest. I bet alone the thought of it, brings you to your mind already!

Your Lunch is ready;-)!

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2 working laptops utterly destroyed

Marissa got these 2 working laptops from a fan – and she’s going to use her sexy open-toe high heels to destroy them. She starts by walking over the poor laptops and damages the keyboards – then proceeds to the displays and finally stomps them into oblivion! Her hard stomping and kicking break the laptops apart and in the end she shows you that not even her heels survived this brutal stampede!

Metal heels destroy a phone easily

Someone sent this phone to me without a note – so I’m not sure who it’s from – but it’s going to meet my brand new high heels with full metal heels anyway! These shoes not only look brutal – they definitely are! I start to walk over them before I use the heels to pierce the display again and again. After turning it around I grind my heels into the camera lens and basically drill through it with the thin heels. To finish it I break it in half with my shoes – after ripping off the display!