GABRIELLA – The evil witch – Giantess, shrinking fetish, crushing tiny men – PART 2

The nightmere for poor Winston is not finish: the evil witch wants to torment again him, but now She wants to feel his tiny body melting and crushing under Her stockinged feet! Once again She stomps him merciless again and again, laughing while he suffers. After a while She wants to try if his micro tongue could be useful for licking Her feet. Unfortunately for him is not, so She “finishes” him with some more brutal stomps… (Editors note: this is our first experiment about this kind of clips, is not perfect but good enough, more and better will come 🙂

GABRIELLA - The evil witch - Giantess, shrinking fetish, crushing tiny men - PART 2

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Miss Jessica Wood – Grapes and Sugar Cubes Beneath my Riding Boots

Clip from our series Crushing for Fun where beautiful and dominant ladies crush fruits for pleasure. Miss Jessica Wood really enjoys crushing food and especially grapes and sugar cubes. And today you can enjoy this moment where she does that absolutely carelessly and not paying any attention whatsoever is happening beneath her gorgeous riding boots. Dressed very casually all in black she sits comfortably on the bench checking something on her phone. She then just stands up and starts walking around. Not even looking at the floor – only a few times actually – she just started treading on the sugar cubes and on the grapes. You can hear the crunching sound coming out from the sugar cubes and from the grapes being totally crushed and smeared on the floor. Miss Jessica also checked her nice collection of canes while doing so and did some practising as well. She keeps stepping on the crushed cubes and grapes during the clip, because they are just no match for her riding boots. Something absolutely insignificant for Miss Jessica Wood. It belongs on the soles of her boots and you can see at some point the crushed sugar stuck up at the sole of her riding boot. Of course at the end of the clip you can see the soles of her boots covered in grape juice and some grape remains. Weve added a couple of slow motion moments for some of the nice crushing and all of the grapes and sugar cubes have been crushed by the end of the clip. There is not a single sugar cube or a single grape that survived. Really nice and hot crushing clip !

Miss Jessica Wood - Grapes and Sugar Cubes Beneath my Riding Boots

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Natalias Slave Crush – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Natalia was getting ready for her night out with friends after spending the day working under the hot sun in her running shoes, and I was trying to discreetly film her while she was combing her hair, and getting ready for her evening. I seemed to bother her a little, and she seemed to want to take care of this situation, and let me know! She started crushing me to the ground and stepping on me, and she was crushing my face with her Converse shoes. It was very painful! She then took care to take off her Converse, to make me smell her smelly nylon feet! She started crushing my face on the ground again, and I was trapped under her feet, ****** to breathe in her smelly nylon feet! She had worn them so much that the bottom of her nylons was completely broken! There were big holes in her nylon stockings, and she asked me to stick my nose in one of the holes, so I could smell her stinky bare feet! The smell was so intense! She also made me take deep breaths in her old Converse, and I had no choice but to obey her orders! Another nice little clip with this pretty Princess Natalia! The clip is filmed in such a way that you really feel like youre on the ground at her feet, so she can smash your face into the ground with her feet! You will love!

Natalias Slave Crush - (Full HD 1080p Version)

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