Sneaker-Girl Paula – Crushes 3 Candy Eggs

New sweet Sneaker-Girl – Paula has produced her second gift for you. Today she starts presenting her wonderful, slender figure – in full view and wearing a nice outfit. Watch her long blonde hair. Three candy eggs are waiting on the wooden ground – for Paula. She has decided to decree a unique method of destruction to each of them. She starts with the first egg, wearing her black short-socks. She rolls it around, then a crack with her toes, a flattening with the heel. Chocolate part and plastic content are crushed separately. Then Paula strips off her socks and slips into her “Birkenstock” sandals. With these shoes Paula crushes the second egg, similar to the first one, doing it slowly and using different parts of her powerful sandal soles. Now Paula starts the >barefoot season

Sneaker-Girl Paula - Crushes 3 Candy Eggs

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