Goddess Joanna – Fruits Under Leather High Heeled Boots

Another clip from our collective series called Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant mistresses crush food and objects for pleasure.We have the gorgeous latin beauty Goddess Joanna today. She looks so stunning. Dressed in leather from head to toe having her black pointy toe leather boots on she starts checking up her phone. Walking slowly absolutely carelessly back and forth not paying any attention whats happening beneath her boots Goddess Joanna just treading on some fruits on the floor. We can see a few strawberries, some grapes and some other fruits called mora. You can hear very well the noise of the grapes crunching during the clip.At the end of the clip the Goddess sits down on the chair pointing you to look at the bottom of her soles and the remains of the fruits sticked there, so you can enjoy a little bit of POV as well. And you can see very well the soles of the boots and how messy they are.There are some slow motions added for the beautiful moments.

Goddess Joanna - Fruits Under Leather High Heeled Boots

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Pretty Crushed Summer – Splashing citrus fruits under your bare feet

The sun is reflected in the juice of the golden citrus fruits under the bare soles of the pin up girls feet. Lady Vampira teasingly pushes the squashed lemons across the floor, in the midst of the summery backdrop of the Femdom Empire garden. An aesthetic masterpiece, as innocently playful as the petticoat dress of the foot goddess. Some limes are still rolling around and are about to fall victim to the food crushing orgy. The pulp presses through the sticky toes of the goddess. Every fruit is brutally trampled and trampled. The viewer does not miss a single millimeter of the extent of the destruction due to two camera perspectives.

Pretty Crushed Summer - Splashing citrus fruits under your bare feet

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Sneaker-Girl Denise – Crushing Some Toy-Trucks

Yes – again – our tall Sneaker-Girl Denise is performing for you – this time > no food. No, here you will enjoy the sound of breaking plastic again. And it is a real double clip. In the first half a medium sized blue Jeep is crushed – of course – with all typical DENISE full-weight walkover benefits. We hope you like her powerful soles. But – do you also love her strong heels? Then you will purely enjoy watching one of her bare heels just settle on the roof and press deeply down into the car, just while the long toes of her other foot hold it fixed in place with maximum strength. OMG! The second part of the clip deals with some smaller truck models. One by one meets DENISE s devastating feet. Watch the models flatten under her tall, bare soles, watch them explode under her white sock-liners. And enjoy them being stomped into splints – under her destructive sneakers. This is presented also in an exciting slow-motion sequence. Oh what a clip, oh what unbelievable feet – oh what kind of a woman!

Sneaker-Girl Denise - Crushing Some Toy-Trucks

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