Sneaker-Girl Kimba – Big Toy Crush

Again someone new has joined our Sneaker-Girls team. Her name is Kimba and she has a foot size of EU 39. Here she is presenting her debut. Of course you want to watch her feet as they are – in all of their naked glory. Therefore Kimba had decided to crush this big toy station, made of plastic, starting – BAREFOOT! Smoothly she caresses the toyÂ’s plastic slides with her soles and toes. Her black nail-painting produces a wonderful contrast versus the colorful toy and the aggressive-red carpet. Soon the soft part is over and she starts to bend the slides extremely under her sole-pressure. Play-time is over and crush-time begins. A small plastic car with sound will be the first victim. In the middle of the clip Kimba slips into her red NIKE shoes. Now the big toy and the small car have to feel her soles, her weight and her strength. The big toy is crushed quite well. The small car will survive – with some injuries – but still sending out its nerving sounds. Now you know Kimba and her feet. Would you love to see more from her? We are sure these powerful feet and legs will have so much more to give. What do you think?

Sneaker-Girl Kimba - Big Toy Crush

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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I love the giantess crush shows where you with open sandals, with heels and enamel nails trample and crush something on the ground. I would like a similar video, where you crush food or fruit at your pleasure. Always making me feel helplessly under your feet where I belong…


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Pram crush – End of the pram tray

My ex boyfriend asked me to watch the house while he went on holiday with his new girlfriend and to checkthat everything was in order. In the hallway I found her pram, which I had to push away from thewindow all the time to water the flowers. Then I had the idea to see what this thing can stand. I satdown in it and started to ride the pram. First slowly and carefully. It was so exciting that I began tobounce more and more intensive. The pram groaned and creaked, the bottom of the gondola archedand I could not stop until the frame bent and the pram collapsed.

Pram crush - End of the pram tray

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