Kiwis get crushed unter Nicole’s Heels

Posted on September 21, 2009

Sexy blonde Nicole from Russia is standing on a glass floor with her pink designer high heels and has two kiwis lying next to her feet. She starts to crush them by sticking the thin heels of her shoes into one of them until they get crushed completely.

Lady X crushes a laptop

Posted on September 21, 2009

Lady X has a fetish for crushing stuff under her feet and today she wants to crush a laptop, which she no longer needs. She places it on the floor and starts to crush it under her sexy high heels. The laptop is quite hard and doesn’t burst easily but once she got the first bits to burst the whole thing gets crushed more and more until it’s totally crushed and ripped apart.

Lady Anja crushes a mobile phone

Posted on September 20, 2009

A slave was ordered to send Lady Anja his mobile phone. Maybe he really though he would get it back working. Well, Anja has other plans. She takes it out of the envelope and throws it on the floor where she immediately starts to crush it under her high heel boots. The display dies first with the heel stomping right in the middle of it, but soon the whole phone is crushed into little pieces … guess her slave has to buy a new one now!

Girl crushes toycars under her buffalo shoes

Posted on September 20, 2009

A girl has placed two little toytrucks on the floor and enters the scene wearing a pair of black/green buffalo shoes. She crushes the two tiny toy cars under her shoes at ease and doesn’t top until they’re totally destroyed.

Nina crushes a big toycar bus

Posted on September 20, 2009

Nina is wearing sexy lingerie and a pair of high heels when she starts to crush this large toy bus under her sexy feet. She starts the crushing by pressing her shoes slowly on the top of the bus until the roof collapses. Then she stomps the bus until there are only tiny bits left of it.

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Teddy crushed by playboy model

Posted on September 18, 2009

Sexy playboy model Heidi overruns a little teddy with her huge Audi car. The teddy has no chance against the 1800kg coming down on him – he gets totally flattened. Heidi runs over him over and over again and even grinds the car’s tire on the teddy to completely rip him apart – will she succeed? Get the video and find out!

Apple crushed under boots

Posted on September 17, 2009

Crush Girl Soraya flattens an apple under her brown boots in a park. She steps on it very gently first, then crushes it completely using her whole weight and grinds the remains into the ground.

BBW crushed small Discs under her Sneakers

Posted on September 14, 2009

BBW Crush Girl Soraya flattens a bunch of Mini Discs under her b/w sneakers. Of course the discs burst and break apart quickly under the massive pressure of this big beauty. But she doesn’t stop until they’re all totally destroyed.