Goddess Joanna – Fruits Under Leather High Heeled Boots

Another clip from our collective series called Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant mistresses crush food and objects for pleasure.We have the gorgeous latin beauty Goddess Joanna today. She looks so stunning. Dressed in leather from head to toe having her black pointy toe leather boots on she starts checking up her phone. Walking slowly absolutely carelessly back and forth not paying any attention whats happening beneath her boots Goddess Joanna just treading on some fruits on the floor. We can see a few strawberries, some grapes and some other fruits called mora. You can hear very well the noise of the grapes crunching during the clip.At the end of the clip the Goddess sits down on the chair pointing you to look at the bottom of her soles and the remains of the fruits sticked there, so you can enjoy a little bit of POV as well. And you can see very well the soles of the boots and how messy they are.There are some slow motions added for the beautiful moments.

Goddess Joanna - Fruits Under Leather High Heeled Boots

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Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Barefoot Crushing a Mc-Larren Toy-Car

At first – a big HEUREKA! Yes – we have our 500th clip inside the shop. ItÂ’s a great honor that Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 will present it. But – this coincidence is more a fact of fortune. But what she performs for you – is no fortune – it is knowledge and professionalism. So after this brutal rubber-boot crush she has decided to bring out a new clip for her barefoot-fans. Just to remember all of you, what even her bare soles can do – and – how they can do it! Today a small Mc-Larren model will have the fate to feel her bare soles. She has size EU 38 feet – but – watch her well trained soccer-legs! Great – beautiful and powerful! Just the first walkover – and the first door breaks off! Other walkovers follow. And the car goes down, more and more, with each step. Then – double foot tip-toe action. WOW! What destruction. Later on – toe breaking of the chassis. And FBG goes further on. She breaks every single fragment of the car – with toes, balls, sole or heel. Do you like her – and her nice power-feet?

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Barefoot Crushing a Mc-Larren Toy-Car

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