Today I have prepared some Christmas treats and more for my slave … what the slave does not know is that he will be constrained to feed directly from my feet ahahaha.With the slave lying on the ground I start crushing all sorts of food making sure that my feet are completely covered and I oblige him to eat.Besides, this slave eats little, so I feel even more satisfaction in costraining him hahahaIn the end he is quite good and obeys, so I want to reward him by finally allowing him to drink, but again … from my feet … a priceless honor.


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Lady Scarlet – Crushed cream puffs

Do you know why I like my slave? Because he has a nice soft belly that I like to sink into during our trampling sessions. But a nice and soft belly must be trained and taken care of, I cannot risk him losing weight and so it is my concern to make sure that he is always well fed. Today I have a nice tray of cream puffs for him but obviously I will not let him eat them sitting at the table… I put one on the floor and crush it with my sneakers, I leave the mark of the soles as the cream comes out and he eats and licks shoes and floor. I take two more as small as his balls and crush them just as if they were his testicles. In the end, we are left with the two biggest puffs that I will squash directly on his face in a mixture of food crush and facestanding that sends me into ecstasy!

Lady Scarlet - Crushed cream puffs

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Model houses destroyed under 2 jeans asses

Lady Nora and I are now going to take care of the model train houses you built. How strong did you built them?! Do you think we can sit down on them and they can endure our full body weight? I dont think so! One after another is placed on the table and we take turns sitting down on them with our sexy jeans asses – flattening them more and more! And if we cant flatten one completely, well just sit down on the other ones lap – and our combined weight will surely crush your house flat as a pancake! Its such a great feeling to feel the houses slowly getting crushed, with our ass first just breaking the roof, then feeling the walls collapse slowly until the final resistance gives in and the building is completely flattened! I know, you spent so many hours to build these houses and theyre literally destroyed in seconds under our butts … but its still a lot of fun to watch us, isnt it?! And youll be allowed to take the remains home with you – maybe you can re-build them a little stronger?! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!

Model houses destroyed under 2 jeans asses

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