Valuable model cars meet Marissa’s tires

A fan sent his beloved toy cars to Madame Marissa – all precious collection items and made completely out of metal. Marissa decides to destroy them using a real car and films the destruction with multiple cameras. You can see how the giant tire approaches the little cars and then flattens them completely. But she not only wants to flatten them – she grinds her big tires on them to crush them into hundreds of pieces. I guess the model car collector will have a heart attack when he sees what happened to his beloved items!

Crushing everything – long car crush!

As you know – I love to crush stuff – and today I’m going to raise my crushing power – by using my big heavy car! My friend assists me in this video by placing stuff in front of the big merciless tires. Some things are crushed slowly, others get run over fast or destroyed by doing a burn out on top of them! It’s just a big crush massacre – and a shitload of fun! What am I crushing under my tires? A big metal toy car, a bag of oranges, bananas, garden gnomes, a computer mouse, a barbie doll, a game controller, a smart phone, a mp3 player, a remote control, a toy helicopter, a phone, a cake and a bunch of chocolate marshmallows!

Teddy bear crushed with heavy wheels

Heidi is a really hot cutie! And she is a Czech playboy model too!
One of her favorite hobbies is to crush stupid things!
This time she took your useless teddy bear!
She put it on the ground, starts the machine and rolls over it!
She grinds his tiny body again and again with the intensive weight!

Teddy crushed by playboy model

Sexy playboy model Heidi overruns a little teddy with her huge Audi car. The teddy has no chance against the 1800kg coming down on him – he gets totally flattened. Heidi runs over him over and over again and even grinds the car’s tire on the teddy to completely rip him apart – will she succeed? Get the video and find out!

Sexy Mia crushes little toycars

Mia places 2 little toycars, a fire truck and an ambulance coach on the ground of the parking lot and uses her big car now to crush them slowly. She’s amused of the cracking sounds under tire and enjoys grinding the tire even more into her little victims every time. In the end she even turns the steering wheel while standing on the little cars to grind them totally into the floor until there are only very little pieces left. She gets out of the car and looks at the remains of her victims before she takes off.

Olga in 1:1 vs. 1:100 car crush battle

Cute Olga from russia crushes some little 1:100 cars with her big car. Of course the small cars have no chance to escape the fast and heavy car – they’re just crushed and grinded into the ground as Olga stops the big car with one wheel standing on a small one and turns the steering wheel. The small cars burst under the immense weight while Olga just laughs at her pathetic little victims.

Latina Alicia over-rides a shrunken girl

This girl was bitching about Alicia behind her back all the time – but Alicia decided the last time was once too much and shrunk the bitch to barbie-size. Alicia gets into her car after she dumped the bitch on the parking lot and aims for her tiny body with her big left front tire – no chance to escape for the little victim – she gets crushed under the immense weight of Alicia’s car immediately. But Alicia hasn’t finished the job yet – she stops the car with the tire right on her victim’s body and turns the steering wheel until the girl’s body is totally torn apart!

Latina Alicia over-rides a shrunken girl

Little guys crushed by Jenny’s big heavy car

Jenny drives her new Audi A5 when she sees some little guys sitting on the pavement of the parking lot. She takes a quick look and then aims for their bodies with her big left front-tire. The guys have no chance to escape and get crushed by the big car immediately. But that wasn’t enough for Jenny so she drives back and forth multiple times and stops with the tire standing right on her victims. She now turns the steering wheel multiple times into different directions to grind them literally into the ground – you can even see their arms and heads flying away!

Little guys crushed by Jenny's big heavy car