Crushing large plastic car .

Order: Can you create a video on the theme of destruction / crushing of large sophisticated plastic car (cars have more crushing effects).In a scenario of perverse woman who loves to destroy and compares the solidity of these soles against the toy (with face video framing).It destroys with these hands these big shoes/clogs/sandals (if possible of the heavy / thick / rigid soles ) for effect of more important destruction.Then ends by sweeping (like rubbish) the pieces of car to throw / compact / burn.In short an interpretation with plans of the soles / face.

Crushing large plastic car .

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RC Audi under Chanel’s sexy boots

Chanel got a brand new remote-controlled Audi – and she’s wearing her sexy high heel boots to have some fun with the little car! She drives it around and then stops it with a single stomp on the car’s hood – then proceeds to crush it completely. In the end it’s just a pile of plastic and metal scraps!

Sexy Mia crushes little toycars

Mia places 2 little toycars, a fire truck and an ambulance coach on the ground of the parking lot and uses her big car now to crush them slowly. She’s amused of the cracking sounds under tire and enjoys grinding the tire even more into her little victims every time. In the end she even turns the steering wheel while standing on the little cars to grind them totally into the floor until there are only very little pieces left. She gets out of the car and looks at the remains of her victims before she takes off.

Hellen crushes a toy car with her flat boots

Cute Hellen from DuneFeet uses a pair of flat winter boots to crush a toycar in this clip. The boots have a pretty solid sole which makes it easy for her to compact the car under the weight of her body before she crushes it to little parts by stepping on it over and over again until only penny-size pieces are left.

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Olga in 1:1 vs. 1:100 car crush battle

Cute Olga from russia crushes some little 1:100 cars with her big car. Of course the small cars have no chance to escape the fast and heavy car – they’re just crushed and grinded into the ground as Olga stops the big car with one wheel standing on a small one and turns the steering wheel. The small cars burst under the immense weight while Olga just laughs at her pathetic little victims.

Cute Cindy crushes a toy her little brother left behind

Cindy told her little brother numerous times to clean up the room after playing in there – but of course he didn’t listen. So she decides to punish him by crushing one of his favorite toys – a big fire department truck. She takes it into a basement room and starts to crush it under her Buffalo shoes. The truck shows some resistance at first but she finally crushes it completely – just before she calls her brother to clean up the mess his toy made!

Cute Cindy crushes a toy her little brother left behind