Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Toy-Truck Crush with Nike Air-Max

Sneaker-Girl Sophia also has a heart – for real sneaker-fans. So she has placed three little plastic toy truck models onto the flagged floor of her terrace. Sophia is wearing her well-worn Nike Air-Max sneakers and starts to move the trucks around carefully with her shoe soles. As in her other sessions you can watch her full figure and also her beautiful face. Suddenly, while directly looking into your eyes, the girl ends the existence of the first truck with two quick but powerful heel stomps. The model literally explodes into a wide spray of plastic splints jetting through the air into all directions. From now on – only two trucks still can be seen on the floor. The second one receives a good full weight milling under her fore-sole – finally again some strong heel stomps destroy it completely. The last model is stomped with toes, ball, sole and heel. No chance – because our sweet Sophia is a real crushing expert!

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Toy-Truck Crush with Nike Air-Max

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