Girls-Club – 4 Maids Destroy 5 Toy-Cars

Four maids from our Girls-Club plan to destroy 5 toy-cars. In the beginning all girls are wearing white socks and they move the red car number 3 into front-view. In a circle they endlessly (over 3 minutes) walk over one single red car, slowly, only with their socked feet. Watch the car going down more and more under their weight with each step – enjoy the strong feet pressing it, the heels breaking into it. Then the girls slip into their sneakers and shoes and they allow you to watch their shoe take-on procedure for over a minute from different close-up positions. With their sneakers on, all four girls resume the walkover and bouncing on that pre-crushed car. Soon their actions get wilder, more powerful, and they stomp and trample the poor car into small pieces. Enjoy what damage 8 strong legs and feet can bring to a model car within three minutes. Some hundreds plastic and metal fragments, spread out over more than a square-meter. In the end all four goddesses walk over its remains. But here we are just in the middle of this extremely long clip – demonstrating extreme girl-power. Now we have 4 versus 4 – four girls against four toy-cars. You will see stomping and full weight jumping, walkover on all cars, using them like step-stones in a riverbed. All is demonstrated in slow, in fast, in brutal. Enjoy the fun that they have, loudly laughing about these literally exploding toys under their soles. Each single foot seems to be an annihilator, a shredder, a junk press. But eight of this kind – are the pure overkill. Watch the four cars soon sharing the fate of the first one. Yes – a must-see girl-power demonstration clip with over-length – nearly a quarter of an hour of pure fun, for you and the club-girls.

Girls-Club - 4 Maids Destroy 5 Toy-Cars

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