Sneaker-Girl Lina – Flattens and Crushes a Green Plastic-Car

Almost three years went by since Sneaker-Girl Lina performed her last solo crush session. But now she has received a green plastic model car, sent in by a fan together with a crush order. So Lina prepares to start her barefoot-only mission – with her beautiful and strong size EU 40 feet. The poor car appears so tiny against her quite big soles, while she moves and pushes it around under her ball of foot or even under her whole sole. After a while Lina starts to press the car under her bare heels, slowly but with proper weight. Hear the wonderful crackling sounds and watch the first damages. Then she continues using her toe tips. OMG – what strong toes does this girl possess? And as well she has not unlearned how to produce a fascinating barefoot crush session. Lina completely flattens and breaks this model into pieces – just with strong pressing and alternate sole stepping. No stomping is needed. She uses her balls and heels like a hydraulic press – to squelch even the fragments further on – changing them into small plastic splints. And her black nail polish perfectly fits to the final result – total annihilation of a car!

Sneaker-Girl Lina - Flattens and Crushes a Green Plastic-Car

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