Mistress Krush – Blueberries Beneath My Riding Boots (1080p MP4)

Clip from our series called Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant Mistresses crush food for pleasure.We have the stunning Mistress Krush today dressed in full riding attire. Black leather riding boots Cavallo, creamy jodhpurs, white shirt and black blazer. She looks so gorgeous. Smoking a cigarette she starts walking back and forth crushing some blueberries on the floor. Also she calls one of her slaves to tell him about his dinner aka the smashed blueberries on the floor and some leftovers from her boots. You can also enjoy the crushing of Mistress Krushs cigarette, also some stomping, full body angles and many close ups.You can see it very well by watching the preview. All of the blueberries are turned into a complete mush at the end of the clip along with some crushed blueberries on the soles of the leather boots of Mistress Krush.

Mistress Krush - Blueberries Beneath My Riding Boots (1080p MP4)

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