Sneaker-Girl Jess and Gylvana – City Crush

Again we have a team-crush. This time our two wonderful Sneaker-Girls Jess and Gylvana try to destroy a little toy-city wearing their Nike sneakers. No, sorry, they do not only try – they really do it! 16 little plastic houses are waiting for their fate. In the beginning the two girls just walk through the city, taking care not to step on a house. Sometimes they bring their soles down playfully onto a roof – testing – what could happen. Some roofs can not even stand that pre-test – and break. But it is still the soft version. Soon the girls decide to start the NIKE TIME! Now they use their weight – and – you see what happens. All the houses are stepped down, one by one, slowly, under pure female pressure. Finally the girls walk over the remains, until the whole little city is completely flattened.

Sneaker-Girl Jess and Gylvana - City Crush

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