Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Crushing Sun-Glasses

Now Sneaker-Girl Sophia has something special for all sneaker fans. She prepares to crush a set of sun-glasses – under the soles of her black Nike shoes. Sophia lets it fall down to the ground and starts with some posing and a little bit of walking around her new victim. Of course you can enjoy her in full figure in many scenes. Watch her elastic soles. Her feet inside can bend and form them so extremely. Carefully she foot-plays with the glasses, holds them under her toe-section while bending the temples with the other sole. After a perfect sole-view the first temple breaks off. Then Sophia bends and breaks the object in the middle between her soles and one glass falls out. A good stomp make the left glass explode into splints and spray away. Now the glasses have no glasses anymore. She tramples and twists the spectacle frame and stomps the first loose glass into pieces with her heel. A final sequence of stomps and twists end the existence of these eye-protectors completely.

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Crushing Sun-Glasses

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