Truck Crushing With Wooden Plateaus (FULL HD) – Fernanda

time for a request fulfilling! we recieved lots of feedback after last session we had with fernanda and her personal wooden plateau clogs! lots of customers wanted to see them back and very many to see fernanda crushing with those plateaus! well it even gets better, cuz fernanda has similar ones now, but not the exact ones she was wearing on last session! but they are looking phantastic also, bought on holidays in her home continent south america! of course her cute feet was sweating a lot already in south america as she bought them ans she was wearing those sexy shoes already in germany also… so … its up now to YOUR well beloved toy car! an orange truck and its up to fernanda and her clogs to destroy that thing…and with those shoes it will be surely destroyed in the end…so… we wont tell the whole story here…trust us, when we say its phantastic crushing stuff with a supergorgeous cute latin mistress! german language! clip duration: 07.24 mins.

Truck Crushing With Wooden Plateaus (FULL HD) - Fernanda

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