The Digger Megacrushing (FULL HD) – Iveta

here we have a REALLY SPECIAL clip today starring beautiful lady iveta! we can proudly say, that this clip is a MUST BUY for crushing fans!!! trust us…we are extremely sure that you will love this if you like crush! we have 2 reasons for this: 1. we have a big toy here, a yellow digger, made of solid (!) plastic! this one is not easy to crush! there were moments in this clip where the cameraman thought iveta give up, but… for sure she didnt! she even destroyed one of our heels cuz she really wanted to destroy that bitchy digger crane. so she put everything she has into her legs to crush this toy into toy heaven…and as it wasnt finished and one heel of her shoe was damaged she decided to change over to her personal casual modern flat leather boots to give the digger the rest..and she did… in the end there was nothing left of the toy… the 2nd reason why we think crushingfans will love this is the length of the clip! its about 19 minutes long and to top it all we give it away for a very very fair price!!! buy it and we are very very sure, you wont be dissapointed! german language (but easy to understand…). clip duration: 19.25 mins (!!!).

The Digger Megacrushing (FULL HD) - Iveta

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