Swetlana – Blue Car Crush (mov)

here is the next of the requestfullfilling clips regarding to crushing toys! this time swetlana is wearing her black high heel boots that are pretty dirty from walking over gras in earlier clips. and now imagine…YOU are sitting in that blue sport-car like an arrogant and rich man, but then this goddess appears and will play with YOU and YOUR car a lil bit with that mighty boots! Swetlana talks to YOU here: \”there is YOUR beautiful car…how small it is…do YOU want to see, how i destroy it?\” and then she grinds her dirty high heel into the car, moving it a lil bit back- and forward…but then the harder parts coming, where she stomps on it, crushing it with full weight of her sole and and and… its not so easy to crush it, cuz its made of metal, but swetlana wont give up until its a total mess…lots of \”nice\” talking in this special clip…GERMAN LANGUAGE! clip duration: 5.07 mins, quicktime high resolution 768 x 576 px

Swetlana - Blue Car Crush (mov)

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