Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Crushing Some Buns Barefoot

OH – it is a must – fresh, warm, crispy buns for breakfast. Sneaker-Girl Sophia has bought a bag with buns for breakfast. But on her way home she recognized – they are not that fresh and crispy as desired. So she places the bag on the floor, slips out of her house-sandals and begins – to rework them. OK – we would put them into an oven to reanimate them – but Sophia has her own way for rework – yes – her barefoot way. She carefully presses onto the buns in the bag – pushes one out – and performs A TOE-BALL REWORK for it – followed by a heel stomp. WOW! And she literally tears it into frazzles – with her beautiful but strong toes. Next bun – next toe-! The other buns are trampled out of the bag by her. One bun is folded – the others are flattened, crushed, tattered and hacked. Yes – today you will not get your crispy breakfast buns! Instead you will get a pile of shredded and flattened bun-frazzles – spiced with a slightly salty and cheesy flair.

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Crushing Some Buns Barefoot

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