Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Crushing PS2 Gaming Console

Same girl, same shoes – and again – outdoor! But this time a much bigger and harder object will meet the black, elastic NIKE soles under Sneaker-Girl Sophia. Yes – an old PS2 game console will meet its fate today. How will it behave? Enjoy this beautiful girl starting with some shoe and sole posing on the electronic device. Soon some press-on and step-on moments will follow. Even careful walkovers seem to be no problem. This PS2 really is a hard-liner. Yes – we need some stomping and breaking. And Sophia can deliver. Soon this beauty changes into barefoot mode, but only for her right foot. ThatÂ’s it! A better sole contact and her now enabled toe-grip-abilities bring more damage to the station. After a while Sophia reenters the double Nike mode again. It shall be a clip for her sneaker-fans. And so she speaks her final sentence over the PS2. Stepping, trampling, breaking and stomping. It does not have a single chance. Leaned to a wall and broken with powerful karate kicks build up the climax. Now Sophia just dismantles the device – step by step. Only a pile of plastic and electronic will remain.

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Crushing PS2 Gaming Console

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