Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Crushing an Old Fan

We have a nice combination today – an old fan – under a young beautiful girl. Sneaker-Girl Sophia will do this recycling job for you. And due to the fact that the Sneaker-Girls have so many real sneaker-fans outside – it will be a SNEAKER CRUSH ONLY CLIP! Watch your nice crush girl approach the device. As always in SophiaÂ’s clips you will be able to enjoy her body and her wonderful face. But do not miss – her shoes! After a short posing with the fan – it is soon brought down to the ground – waiting for the shoes. And soon they come! Watch them bending the shaft; breaking the pedestals under their weight. With kicks, steps and stomps this sweetie changes the old fan into a pile of scrap – under her sneakers. We are sure you are a real fan for Sophia and her feet. But – you would not love to be exactly – THIS FAN – right?

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Crushing an Old Fan

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