Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Burger Menu Crush

Sneaker-Girl Sophia has performed many crush sessions for you within a short period of time. She recognizes that you are quite exhausted and hungry from all that steering to her stomping and mangling feet. Therefore Sophia decides it is lunch-time – for you! She has brought with her a big paper bag containing a full burger menu, as well as a drink for you. What a kind girl. Sophia squats down and prepares your dinner table – outside – directly on a long, dusty field path. She places your drink, spreads out a serviette to unpack your menu and arrange it. A bag with fresh fries and a big burger – yummy! As a real good servant she opens the little ketchup bags with her teeth and spices up your fries. Then she unpacks the burger for you. What a wonderful lunch picnic. But just as you want to start – Sophia opens that all the goodies have to be finalized under her colorful Nike Air-Max waffle-soles before. Then you can watch Sophia taking much time to stomp, trample, flatten and smear your burger and fries over the dusty ground. In the end Sophia takes care for a proper taste – with some barefoot mangling. Bon appetite!

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Burger Menu Crush

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