Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Barefoot BMW Toy-Car Crush

A fan has sent a silver BMW toy-car model. He has asked Sneaker-Girl Sophia, to use all of her barefoot crush skills on it. No problem for this cool, beautiful and talented girl and her size EU 39 feet. While sitting on the floor, she immediately starts to play with this car, using her strong toes, her powerful soles. The girl sits down and starts a soft foot-play – with the car. Soon she begins to dismantle the model, step by step, using her strong toes. Mirrors are ruptured and doors are opened and then – broken away. All is happening so slowly, but so definitively. And Sophia takes so much time. Watch the destructive power of her pointed toes – impaling everything! Some minutes later she stands up and offers her full weight, her complete sole pressure, to the car. A tip-toe-mangling follows. The model has not a single chance to survive. Enjoy its crackling sounds, desperate cries for help. But help – does not arrive. Destruction goes on. Toe-power demonstrations and heel stomping actions alternate. OMG – what a crush-girl! By the way – also in this clip sweet Sophia allows you to enjoy her in full figure, from feet to face. Then, with her nice female weight, and feet to for (under), she completely destroys the car. Be careful – you might fall in love with this unbelievable beauty!

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Barefoot BMW Toy-Car Crush

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