Sneaker-Girl Samara – Crushing Two Notebooks

Oh – what a scene! Our sweet Sneaker-Girl Samara is standing barefoot – outside on an asphalted ground. Two old notebooks are placed in front of her – opened. Beside her, a pair of well worn, black sport sneakers is waiting. The aim seems to be clear. A session for Sneaker-Fans shall take place. But look at these old shoes. They do not have these modern padding, air-filled, as modern sports have. But Samara has an idea. She fills the contents of a complete bag with HARIBO gum-bears into both of her shoes and slips into them – barefoot. Now – she has this soft padding – just between her soles and insoles. And the crushing starts.Walking, treading, stomping. Those old computers do not have a any chance. But – I often have to think over those many gum-bears – inside SamaraÂ’s shoes – under her extremely beautiful, small EU 37 soles.Oh yes, sweet Samara, often displayed in full figure with face, completely destroys the two notebooks. No problem! But – what a pity – we will never see the gum-bears inside her shoes – afterwards. They have taken all that trampling, all that stomping. And as well they have got her super sweet, sweaty soles. How could they look now? How could they taste now? Just questions! Maybe – another clip could follow – presenting these flattened gum-bears – or better called > DRUM-BEARS!

Sneaker-Girl Samara - Crushing Two Notebooks

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