Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen – Crushing Toy-Car with Adidas Superstar Shoes

Our newest entry, Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen, presents her second clip. She has planned to crush a toy car for you. Nice! But before – allow her to introduce her bare feet and soles again – yes – in close up view! Fleshy Soles in size EU 40 – perfect and strong toes. Oh yes they can crush brutally underneath. But look – these fleshy wide soles can as well bring the heaven down onto earth. OK – you want them to do > CRUSH! No problem. Watch these feet and soles play with the toy-car in between. Watch their smoothness caressing this plastic model. After a while Red-Queen stands up and starts to walk barefoot around the car. She is always threatening to step down on it, with her toes, her balls or her heels. Enjoy the elasticity of her soles – mangling and rolling on and over the floor. Heaven and hell – so close together! Finally – a short ball press onto the roof – just to bring her destructive sole-power back into your mind! But this clip shall not deal with barefoot-crush. She had presented her capabilities concerning this theme in her first clip. Now Red-Queen wants to catch all of her new sneaker-crush fans. Therefore she slips into her white ADIDAS sports. OK – she starts slowly and lightly. But soon she will apply her full power and pressure. With full weight but extreme slowness this new girl crushes and dismantles this plastic car into small fragments. In the end she cleans up the place of destruction with hand-brush and pan – as a good house-wife does. Of course – during her cleaning – you will be allowed to watch her sneakers press on the floor, their soles being bended – by the power of these beautiful feet inside. Will you be one of her new sneaker-fans – from now on?

Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen - Crushing Toy-Car with Adidas Superstar Shoes

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