Sneaker-Girl Red Queen – Crushing Some Toy-Cars

Now here is a new clip from Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen! She is wearing her brown, ankle-high NIKE shoes and in the beginning she presents her well worn soles to you – her CRUSH soles! Then you can see those four small model cars already waiting on the floor – for her foot-work. Red-Queen starts to play a little bit with each model – carefully. But soon she stands full weight on the little ambulance van. It deforms and sends out some nice crackling sounds. But – it can hold her. Red-Queen tries again – this time with a slight bouncing. Look – that is much harder for the car. But then she changes her bouncing into jumping. >>> Too much – the model breaks and gets stomped. Soon the next model, a military truck, receives its treatment. Standing, bouncing, stomping > CRUSH! WOW! Enjoy her elastic NIKE soles bend, roll and mangle over car 3, applying all that pressure on this poor little object. Here as well, bouncing, jumping and stomping leads to extreme deformation and crushing. Red-Queen even tramples it into pieces. A fate that also model number four has to meet! This is a clip for all sneaker-fans – a MUST HAVE!

Sneaker-Girl Red Queen - Crushing Some Toy-Cars

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