Sneaker-Girl Red Queen – Crushing Cans

Here we have a new task for our Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen. The recycling of beverage cans – for an absolute sneaker fan. Is it a problem? No – not for Red-Queen! Adidas on – first can placed – and GO! So enjoy the first can – being deformed between her insteps – and then flattened under-sole – while she is still sitting. Next is a plastic bag with five cans. Red-Queen spills them out on the floor and allows her Adidas feet to play with them for a while. Soon she stands up and mounts her five victims in a row. But soon – the built-up figures fall down. So Red-Queen starts a one by one crushing. All cans get their individual Adidas treatment – and crushing – and flattening. So lean back and enjoy. Trust this girl – she knows what you like to see!

Sneaker-Girl Red Queen - Crushing Cans

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