Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen – Crushing a Toy-Car with White Socks

Do you like Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen? OK – she has already crushed barefoot for you, in nylons and in different shoes. But she never performed a pure sock-crush. Now she wants to change that – so – stay attuned! A plastic toy-car – a red transporter model – waits on the floor. Red-Queen already wears her white socks and immediately she starts to play with the car. And for her >to play< means > PRESSURE! WOW – the car is strong – can hold her in a careful one-foot full-weight stand. OH – but slow walkover – seems to go near its limits. Ten toes – all the weight – the car survives. Two heels? – Also! No problem for Red-Queen. She simply adds some bouncing and uses extremely uncomfortable heel-, ball- and toe-standings – uncomfortable for the model! OMG – look how many different foot-figures the girl applies to – no – on the car. Like a prima ballerina. As well she adds some stomping. Watch the model give up – step by step – broken and flattened more and more. Red-Queen just goes on – slowly but with power. Until the model is completely crushed into many pieces!

Sneaker-Girl Red-Queen - Crushing a Toy-Car with White Socks

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