Sneaker-Girl Red Queen – Crushing A Fire-Truck

Sneaker-Girl >REDRED< fire-truck model! And for her real sneaker-fans - she will do it with her low-cut Adidas sport shoes - only! We will see what red-power against red-plastic will bring out. Red-Queen has selected this wooden bridge again. Great scene! In the beginning she just kicks the model around and plays with it, extends its ladder. But soon she starts to apply more pressure - even standing full weight on it - performing walk-over. OH - the model is extremely hard and resisting. The solution? - The ladder can be broken easily. But the rest of the model needs sole power and stomping. So watch lovely Red-Queen doing that for you. Plastic gets broken, batteries are flying around and electronic is shredded. Wonderful!

Sneaker-Girl Red Queen - Crushing A Fire-Truck

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