Sneaker-Girl Mila – Angry Girl Barefoot vs. Breakfast

Sneaker-Girl Mila is sitting at the breakfast table – barefoot – showing her soles to you. She has prepared such an opulent meal. Waiting for his arrival she gets a phone call from her boyfriend. He seems to explain, that he has to cancel the breakfast date. Mila gets angry about that info and throws her mobile phone across the room. All that work – for nothing? But – Mila quickly finds a solution – to take care of the breakfast and fulfilling a dream of your life for you. Yes – barefoot she climbs onto the table. Then she shows you, what angry girlsÂ’ bare size EU 39 feet can do > On corn, on radish, on tomato, on apple. Stomped toasts, toe-dipped coffee, meat and sausages are crushed into pulp. And Mila knows how to deal with fries. Watch this beautiful girl trample down the complete breakfast table. What a mess, what a show. Of course she is angry and steps her frustration directly into the food. But, to be honest, I would love to get my daily breakfast prepared – exactly in MilaÂ’s way – by her bare feet. So yummy! Wanna taste?

Sneaker-Girl Mila - Angry Girl Barefoot vs. Breakfast

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