Sneaker-Girl Loreen – Crushing Banana Barefoot

Again we have a new entry – Sneaker-Girl Loreen. Her feet have a size EU 38 and for her debut clip she has selected a barefoot banana crushing. She has stapled two bananas in form of a cross and starts two walk around them. Soon she begins to move them with her bare toes and soles – even to lift them from the ground. With her toes Loreen tries to peel the ripe fruit first – then the other one. Not easy! Watch her flexible toes and bendable soles. Marvelous! Then she has peeled the unripe fruit completely. You can see – her strong, fixing toes have pressed some dents into the fruit flesh. With some effort she is also able to peel the ripe banana, too. OH – its flesh looks much more deformed. During this the harder fruit receives its first toe scrunch. Enjoy the short but clear >SQUICK< sound. Now Loreen carefully mashes the ripe fruit - with unbelievable toe grips. You can see the pulp oozing up in between her toes. Then she flattens the harder fruit under her balls and soles. Finally all is stepped into banana mash - slowly. Very squishy, very yummy - the bananas - as well as her feet!

Sneaker-Girl Loreen - Crushing Banana Barefoot

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