Sneaker-Girl Kimba – Cake Crush

Now Sneaker-Girl Kimba will crush a cream cake for you, outdoors – and of course – barefoot. She enters the scene barefoot, carrying the big cake on her hands. Then she places it in the middle of a large meadow. First she runs her finger through the cream and tastes it. Fine – absolutely perfect for her feet! Now she runs her toes through the top-cream and plays with the strawberry in the centre. Soon she presses her toes and balls deeply into the cake. It is demolished more and more. Her stepping gets rougher – until the cake receives a full weight stepping and trampling under both bare soles. Kimba flattens the cake into a low pancake of mush – double the size in each direction. Who would love to taste? OK – from the ground – or – from the feet?

Sneaker-Girl Kimba - Cake Crush

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