Sneaker-Girl Jana – Crushing Shoehorn with Nike Shoes

And here – the next new girl joins our team – Sneaker-Girl Jana. She will present her debut clip crushing a shoe-horn – under her NIKE shoes. Yes – it will be a clip for the sneaker fans. But just before the crushing starts, friendly Jana allows you to watch her socked feet and soles – just before they slip into those NIKE shoes. Of course you can observe the whole shoe take-on scene. Jana starts to walk around with her shoes – presenting them to you. Look – those dirty and well worn soles! Then she places two big red shoehorns on the ground and begins to walk over them – slowly. Alternate treading stresses the first horn extremely – a high jump – breaks it! Look at these powerful stomping feet. The horn is literally crushed into pieces. Second shoehorn – same procedure – equal result > destruction! Finally Jana walks over the remains – to make sure nothing is left uncrushed. And again she presents her shoe soles to you – the soles that have produced this extreme demolition. We are convinced – her size EU 39/40 feet have done a perfect job in her first clip. Who would love to see more from her?

Sneaker-Girl Jana - Crushing Shoehorn with Nike Shoes

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