Sneaker-Girl Honey & Fussballgirl07 – Stereo Unit Crush

You might know this problem: You have this big, old and defect stereo unit. But you do not want to carry it to the buyback centre. On the other hand this unit is too large to fit into your waste container. So – what is to do? Right – simply call our proven soccer girl team – Fussballgirl07 and her friend Honey. They can help you and in this clip they demonstrate – how! Watch them using their Nike sneakers, their strong well trained legs and feet, to trample and stomp the electronic device as well as the two speaker boxes – into nice and small parts. After 5 minutes the bulky module perfectly fits into the container – as well as into the bin inside your kitchen. Perfect work!

Sneaker-Girl Honey & Fussballgirl07 - Stereo Unit Crush

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