Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Smart-Phone Crush

Do you also have drawers filled with old mobiles and smart-phones? Maybe some are defect – others simply too old to be ever used again. Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 has a solution and proposal for that. Why not send these old devices to her – to let her crush them – under feet, NIKES or high heels? This fan had this idea and sent it in. So watch FBG destroy a smart-phone under her high heels – for this fan – and for you all as well. Watch her soles stress the device – watch her heels impale its display. In deed – only some minutes under this dream-girl – and your old phone is finished! No mobile in next future will ever stand this sharp heel stomping power – even not the i-Phone 20! You will always be able to do unbelievable things with your communication devices. But now you should have learned > Never let a girl step or stomp on it. Especially not – when she is wearing such high heels!

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Smart-Phone Crush

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