Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 & Honey – A Team-Toy-Car-Destruction

Sneaker-Girl “Fussballgirl07” has invited her good friend Honey to perform a team-crush for you. A big white plastic model car is waiting for action. They start barefoot, both girls are taking positions. And Honey gets the honor to perform the kick-off. Yes – a perfect hit – a slow full-weight walkover. The car goes to “Fussballgirl07” – and she – yes – she presents a walkover as well. What a beginning. Then Honey again – crunch – followed by FBG with a 10-toe-solo – A pure dream. The girls alternate – again and again – both are playing the game – slowly but heavy. Then – a change – simultaneously both girls are slipping into their sport socks. Yes – this tactic is allowed – and soon they restart their walkover practice – Honey in grey socks – FBG is using white ones. Again they do it extremely slow – oh that poor car – fully under four heavy and strong soles – endlessly. But – wow – both players again change their strategy. They decide to use their sport shoes. No problem – it is OK. They encircle the ball – sorry – the car. Then – walkover – hard! But now – trampling and stomping. OMG – the car has no chance. It is trampled into pieces under sport shoe soles. What a goal! With these last impressions – we change back into the studio.

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 & Honey - A Team-Toy-Car-Destruction

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