Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Crushing an AMG Mercedes Jeep

Fussballgirl07 has got a new toy – a quite big, black, plastic AMG Mercedes Jeep. She starts with slow walkovers – of course with bare feet – and of course with her proven tip-toe-technique. OK – you are watching this clip because you love female feet, and as well you like crushing beneath those soles. But – if you are also a fan of the giantess-scene, you will enjoy the camera positions extremely. They will give you the illusion to be the owner and driver of this car – standing beside – as a shrunken man of now only 10 centimeters or less in height. So you are to watch helplessly, looking inside your beloved automobile – how this enormous bare heel comes down, breaking through the roof and mangling all interior completely flat beneath – under hundred tons of weight. Later on this powerful soccer-girl slips into her sneakers – to change the crushed-out object into a pile of plastic scrap.

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Crushing an AMG Mercedes Jeep

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