Sneaker-Girl Denise – Two Inflatable Objects

OH YES – Inflatable objects! We will soon upload a clip to demonstrate how our girls manage to bring all that air into these hollow mantles. But this – just for later! Now you are invited to watch our tall Sneaker-Girl Denise to trample all this air > out! You might know, she has a size EU 42 foot and her height is far above 1.80! Therefore she has sole, and she has weight. Best combination to pump such objects empty. Denise will start with her NIKE sneakers. Watch her step, trample and stomp on this swim figure and the air-mattress. Later on Denise will use a – to crack the mattress. Now she can press all the air out of it – just using her weight and NIKE soles. She folds it – until only a handbag sized package of rubber remains – perfectly pressed out of course. Then she returns to the swim-figure. And she simply slips her right foot out of her shoe – just to have the perfect barefoot feeling. And also her fans feel this barefoot feeling. She also impales this figure with her So she presses it out – with one shoe – and one bare foot. A bare foot, so big and beautiful – A PURE SIN!

Sneaker-Girl Denise - Two Inflatable Objects

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