Sneaker-Girl Denise – Crushing an Excavator

Here we go again – no – here Sneaker-Girl Denise will go again – on a quite big excavator plastic model. She will start wearing her light grey PUMA socks. OH YES – a sock crush – at least in the beginning! Enjoy her large socked feet producing the first damages! Wonderful sounds of breaking plastic. This girl really can apply immense pressure down onto her victims. Suddenly Denise slips into her black NIKE shoes and soon continues the crushing. OH YES – with these shoes – the destruction reaches higher grades, with every single step. Watch the breaking – see all these broken parts slipping away. Weight and strength in combination – no plastic model can stand that! Soon the excavator is really finished. OH DENISE – what a CRUSH-GODDESS!

Sneaker-Girl Denise - Crushing an Excavator

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