ENGLISH SPEAKINGYou are the beautiful but cruel Christmas Queen who, now that Christmas is over, has summoned her little helpers to take stock. The video begins with you striding across the room to your throne, carelessly crushing a few Christmas balls lying on the floor, walkover style. The gnomes are already waiting in front of your throne. You step briskly onto your pedestal (I love the sound of your heels on the pedestal), sit down on the throne and take a long list of the three gnomes transgressions. Now you hold your tribunal: the first gnome has delivered the gifts to the wrong family, so you sentence him to be crushed. As you pronounce the sentence, you underline this by stomping another Christmas ball under your boot. The sentence is carried out immediately, you first crush the gnomes head under your boot and then his body, tearing the gnome to pieces with your heels. The next gnome is also sentenced to be crushed for delivering his gifts to a Muslim family who do not celebrate Christmas. This gnome is brutally stomped to a pulp by you with all your might and then torn to pieces. The third is condemned for embezzling some of the gifts. This one is crushed by you particularly slowly and with relish. Afterwards you turn back and forth on his remains and stomp him into the ground and also shred him with your heels. During the whole procedure you also crush a few Christmas balls, simply because it is fun for you. Finally, you push the remains of the gnomes and balls on your pedestal together into a pile and crush and grind them again very thoroughly, as well as the list that you simply threw on the pile. Then you leave the room satisfied.


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