Miss Katherine Kendal – Lick my Soles Clean (1080p MP4)

Miss Katherine Kendal has some nice humiliation in mind for the slave today. Dressed in her black leather pencil skirt, black stilettos and very beautiful green satin shirt she will be crushing some grapes on floor and the slave must lick the soles clean afterwards.The first 5 minutes you can enjoy really nice grapes crushing while Miss Kendal talks straight to the camera. Actually this is the slave behind the camera who is going to lick the soles of the Mistress and the floor of course. You can see that the floor is completely messy after the crushing, but Miss Kendal doesnt really care about that. The slave has to lick very obediently the bottom of her leather shoes which are covered in grapes. The Mistress also add some more grapes on her soles by crushing them again and again while the slave is licking them every time. She constantly does that. The slaves mask is also covered in grapes. Some shoes sucking is also taking place.Miss Katherine Kendal is really merciless. She demands her shoes to be spotless, but the slave obviously couldnt do that.There is a slow motion moment added for some of the grapes crushing (there is no heels crushing btw). Some nice camera angles and close ups.

Miss Katherine Kendal - Lick my Soles Clean (1080p MP4)

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