Miss Frankie – Grapes Under Louboutin Boots (1080p MP4)

Another clip from our crushing series called Crushing for Fun where beautiful and dominant mistresses crush food for pleasure.Let me introduce you to the gorgeous and sadistic Miss Frankie today. Dressed in leather from head to toe wearing her absolutely stunning leather pointy toe boots Louboutins she will be having fun crushing and smashing some grapes and some bananas pieces on the hard wooden floor. The bananas are a little bit slippery unfortunately, but the grapes pops really nice. You can hear the cracking sound very well. Miss Frankie is having fun definitely as she talks to the grapes from time to time during the crushing. There is a lot of mush at the end of the clip as you can see. Only one grape survived at the end of the clip and some of the bananas as well.There are some nice close ups along with a couple of slow motions as well.

Miss Frankie - Grapes Under Louboutin Boots (1080p MP4)

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