Leatherlady Crushing Boxes (FULL HD) – Lady Agatha

When we talk to crushing fans many say that the noise when something is crushed is the most important thing to them. the louder, the better… so we did again a crushingclip with boxes. these ones are of hard plastic and very stable so it needs really some power to destroy them. and when crushed they are nearly exploding splattering all the broken pieces to any direction… its up to new mistress lady agatha in this clip to perform this. she is looking gorgeous totally in leather from head to toe and on her big feet (size 41 eu) she is wearing some strappy sandals. she is not in a hurry with these boxes taking time, pressing on them with her soles. to be honest she performs a real cool slow crushing which is also popular as we know… english language! clip duation: 07.35 mins.

Leatherlady Crushing Boxes (FULL HD) - Lady Agatha

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