Lady Scarlet – Penitence

I still feel on my instep the saliva of that disgusting shoe licker slave, I had clearly told him to lick only my shoes and not touch my foot but he failed to follow these simple instructions and deserves a good punishment. He has a nice new watch, he bought it by saving up a lot of money, working for months and now I demand it. I drop his watch on the floor and start trampling it hard until it is completely destroyed while the slave cries in despair watching all his savings go up in smoke. After having shattered the watch, I return it to him and as I am about to send it away, I notice a nice smartphone emerging from the pocket of his jeans… And then I demand that too, same treatment reserved for the watch, the slave cries, says he needs it to work but I I just dont care and shatter the screen as I continue to insult him.

Lady Scarlet - Penitence

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