Lady Scarlet – Devilish feet

ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – The clip opens with you sitting on a chair with ur bare legs resting on a table. The camera focuses in on ur beautiful feet; you show off ur smooth arches and talk about how ure slave has always wanted to jerk off to them, and that today is his lucky day, then let out an evil laugh.You call for ur slave. The slave comes in naked with the ur open-back shoes. He sits down with his legs spread out and places the shoes near his groin. You get up and walk to the shoes. You tell him to lift up his small dick and kick his tied-up balls. You want to cum for my feet, do you?, you ask as you place his balls in your shoe and stand on them. You instruct him to jerk off while you stomp his balls as hard as you can in ur shoe. As he starts to cum, let out another evil laugh and stomp his balls a couple times, telling him that you need to make sure its all out. You keep your foot on his balls till the video fades out. Make him squirm as you push down on his balls with your foot, asking him whats wrong, I thought you liked my feet?

Lady Scarlet - Devilish feet

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