Lady Scarlet – Crushed dick in casual look

Today casual wear, sweater, jeans and converse: even my slave waiting for me with his little dick outside is surprised not to see heels. But I will not be less sadistic nor less mean, especially with that earthworm that he has instead of the cock and that I want to eliminate. I get on the table, this worm appears from the hole in the center and I start crushing it and kicking it mercilessly: with each blow the screams of pain become more intense. I dont want to ruin my new shoes too much and so I order him to take off my shoes. With pleasant surprise the slave finds himself admiring my feet veiled by the nylon of tan pantyhose: it is a little joy in an afternoon of pain as I continue barefoot to trample and destroy it. In the end I take the shoes with my hands and hit his dick as if I wanted to crush an insect and before leaving I leave the shoes to cover that worm that I dont want to see anymore.

Lady Scarlet - Crushed dick in casual look

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