Lady Scarlet – Crushed cream puffs

Do you know why I like my slave? Because he has a nice soft belly that I like to sink into during our trampling sessions. But a nice and soft belly must be trained and taken care of, I cannot risk him losing weight and so it is my concern to make sure that he is always well fed. Today I have a nice tray of cream puffs for him but obviously I will not let him eat them sitting at the table… I put one on the floor and crush it with my sneakers, I leave the mark of the soles as the cream comes out and he eats and licks shoes and floor. I take two more as small as his balls and crush them just as if they were his testicles. In the end, we are left with the two biggest puffs that I will squash directly on his face in a mixture of food crush and facestanding that sends me into ecstasy!

Lady Scarlet - Crushed cream puffs

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