Lady Dark Angel – Your Food Belongs at my Soles (1080p MP4)

Clip from our series Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant mistresses crush fruits for pleasure.We are sure you know the clip Lady Dark Angel – High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing, but if you havent watched it please do so as you are missing the incredible Lady Dark Angel trampling the skinny slave with her sharp high heels. Long story short. After the trampling Lady Dark Angel sent the slave to get her something from the shop while shes crushing some of his favourite food. The Goddess knows that he likes grapes a lot, but we dont think he will be eating them crushed on the floor. Well we actually dont need to know. The most important thing is that Lady Dark Angel doesnt really care about that as she likes crushing the slaves food to a complete mush and this time weve added some sugar cubes which make a really nice crushing sound. All of this for the pleasure of The Goddess.Wearing the same expensive outfit and boots from the clip we have mentioned above Lady Dark Angel is crushing the sugar cubes in the first 3 minutes of the clip and also making herself a coffee and the grapes the rest of the clip while checking some stuff on her phone.The clip is mainly close ups as you can see by watching the preview. There are a few full body camera angles only. If you love boots you dont want to miss this clip.

Lady Dark Angel - Your Food Belongs at my Soles (1080p MP4)

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